MLPMSF has planned its operational strategy in a way that it can fully exploit the potential of its existing resources in the areas of human resources, Information Technology, capacity building, well laid down systems and processes to improve productivity and reduce costs thereby increasing efficiency at all levels.

In order to achieve the above, MLPMSF plans to operate in coming times through the efficient spoke and hub structure of branch operations. Field activities will be carried by spoke offices which will consist of five field executives and an Assistant Branch Manager. Spoke offices will be set up in the heart of potential business areas like sub-divisions and outskirts of cities and will work through highly cost efficient skeletal structures. Four spoke offices will consist of a hub office which will be looked after by a Branch Manager. All the major administrative and IT related functions of reporting spoke offices will be carried out at their respective offices. Moreover, in order to keep the set up and operational cost to the lowest possible levels either one or two spoke office operations will be carried in the same office premise in which the hub office will run, thus cost will be shared between hub and spoke offices.

In 2018-19, the company’s strategy is to expand its operations in UP and Haryana.In new geographies we are expanding our operations to Punjab.With this we will be at 100 branches. We are graduating to Tab based collections, enrollments and repayments which will help us improve on our operational efficiency. We are also exploring cashless repayment collection modules.

Financial Management and Reporting

  • MLPMSF is following best micro-finance practices and Indian Accounting Standard in conjunction with CGAP recommended reporting framework for the financial and portfolio management. In respect of provisioning, disclosure and prudential norms, it is also in compliance with the requirements of Companies Act, 1956 and Non Banking Financial Company Directions.
  • The entire Financial Reporting and building the financial statements is being done through state-of the-art software. There is an integrated system used for Loan Management and Financial Accounting, which makes it very easy to monitor and control the business through systemic MIS reports.
  • A strong & robust financial management system has been built in SAIJA keeping the scale of operations in mind.