Serving the unbanked : With strategic focus on the most neglected markets, MLPMSF works in the poorest areas of India. It has adopted effective micro-finance and banking methodologies and suitably modified them for the target clients.

Group Lending Model : In the field of traditional micro-finance, MLPMSF is a replicator of the Grameen model which ensures that financing reaches each individual member of the group based on merit. MLPMSF has complete control over the loan disbursement process, which is critical for its efficacy and relevance. The Grameen model has been suitably modified at MLPMSF to a more practical and workable JLG model.

MLPMSF is lending to its target clients through its products:

  1. MKR (MLPMSF Karobar Rin)
  2. MMR (MLPMSF Mahila Rin)
  3. MUR (MLPMSF Urja Rin)
  4. MVR (MLPMSF Vridhi Rin)

All MLPMSF clients go through the life cycle of the loan process, as outlined below:

Group Formation : 5-6 men/women (MKR) or 6-30 women (MMR), who live in the same area and have known each other for the past 3-5 years come together to form a group. The group is self-made with support from the MLPMSF Executive and includes members who are comfortable but unrelated with each other. A clear Leader for the group is also identified.

Compulsory Group Training : Once the group is formed, the group is given training on:

  • Products and Services of MLPMSF
  • Policies and Procedures to be followed
  • Group guarantee concept
  • Benefits of the model
  • How to acknowledge

Group Recognition Test : Once the training is completed, MLPMSF conducts a formal test to ensure that all the members of the group are aware of and understand the loan concepts as enumerated above. For a group to be eligible to receive a loan from MLPMSF, this test has to be compulsorily passed.

Group Meetings (Only for MMR) : Each group is typically comprised and has a mandatory weekly or fortnightly meeting. During these meetings, the following takes place:

  • Discussion of Social/Community issues
  • Communication of MLPMSF Developments/Changes
  • Filling of loan applications
  • Collection of repayments